CFC Historical Stuff

First Airplane: Piper J-4 Cub Coupe

First club airplane, used during Sherman Field dedication May 11, 1941

Looking for N number, or serial number, for this plane. There appears to be one in the photo, but it is blocked by the horizontal stabilizer.

Second Airplane: Rearwin Sky Ranger 175

entered CFC June 20, 1941, Maroon w/ Black trim
Only 14 Skyranger 175's remain registered nationwide. The only one remaining in California was built in 1940. Seeking info on N-number or other unique identifying info on this airplane.

N4055V - 1948 Cessna 170

Entered club some time prior to 1956

Traded in 15 Jan 1960 for $2000 credit towards a Mooney M20 N8140E

Appears to still be flying in SF Bay area (San Mateo)

N6511N - 1949 Bellanca 14-13-3 Cruisair

Traded in January 1960 for $3310 credit towards Mooney 8140E

11N was sadly lost in an accident along with the owner and a passenger on May 20, 2005

N43282 - 1946 Taylorcraft BC12-D

possibly still flying in upstate NY

N76617 - 1946 Cessna 140

Currently in Frederick, MD. Current owner is AOPA employee Rodney Martz

N1616D - 1951 Cessna 170

Purchased by club on August 5, 1957
Sold in 1965 for N7303B

This plane is still believed to be flying out of Big Bear, CA.

N7085T - 1959 Cessna 172

Entered club December 7 1961.

179.4 hours on tach when picked up at Oakland.

Served CFC for over 50 years - sold in 2010 and replaced with RV 313P

N8140E 1959 Mooney M20A

No Photo available (anybody have one?)

Purchased by club in January 1960 for $10,410, less credit from trade-in of N1616D and N6511N

Sold in after gear-up incident in Yuma, AZ in 1966. Replaced by N74797

N7303B - 1954 Beech E-35

Bought by CFC in March 1965, replacing N1616D
Sold June 1976, replaced with 5771K

Hourly rate was intially $14 per hour.
Still flying in the LA area

N74797 - 1961 Mooney M20B

Purchased by club in April 1966
Still flying - see for sale in Jan 2007

N5771K - 1964 Beech S35

Entered club August 10, 1976
Hit by golf ball on approach to 1L on Christmas Eve 1976, causing small cosmetic dent.
Replaced with A36 N1ZP in 2010.

N9658L - 1983 M20J

Replaced with Cessna 182 52563 in 1998