Frequently Asked Questions

What is the club all about?

The Concord Flying Club, organized in 1939, and incorporated in 1941 is believed to be the oldest continually operating flying club west of the Mississippi River. The club pre-dates not only Buchanan Field, where the club maintains its aircraft, hangar and clubhouse, but also the earlier Sherman Field which was located near Monument in present day Pleasant Hill.

The club strives to provide well-maintained airplanes to its members at the most economical rates (actual operating costs) possible. Currently, the club owns a diverse fleet of airplanes:

  • An A36 Bonanza (6 seats)
  • A Cessna 182 Skylane (4 seats)
  • A Vans RV-7A (2 seats)
    Where is the club located?

    The club is located at the far east end of hangar row A on the East Ramp.

    When does the club meet?

    The club meets every Thursday, from about 6pm, except holidays. Food is provided each week by a member, on a rotating basis.

    I am interested in the club. What should I do?

    Stop by the club any Thursday, see the airplanes and the facilities, and meet some members. If you do not have access to the East Ramp, you can contact us to coordinate entry.

    I don't have a pilot certificate, but would like to learn to fly. Can I join the club and learn?

    No. You must already have a private pilot (or higher) certificate, or be very close to your checkride, to join the club.

    What about instrument rating, or higher certificates?

    The club currently has 8 instructors. Members have used club instructors and airplanes to get IFR, commercial and CFI tickets.

    What are the costs to join?

    Club dues are currently $100 per month. This is adjusted annually to reflect each member's share of the fixed operating costs of the club, including insurance, hangar and clubhouse rental.

    Members also buy an equity stake in the club - this is repaid in full after a member leaves the club.

    Is membership limited?

    Yes. In order to provide reasonable availability of the airplanes to the members, membership is limited. The limit is adjusted periodically to reflect the amount of flying done by the current membership.

    Does the club offer any other benefits?

    Yes. The club has an FAA approved flight training device (PCATD) which can be used for up to 10 hours of experience towards the instrument rating.

    The clubhouse provides high-speed WiFi, and provides a place to do flight planning, relax after a flight, or just hang out with other pilots and watch the airport traffic pattern.

    The club organizes several events each year, including a Crab Feed, Landing Contest, and various family-oriented parties.

    About half of the club's membership have been in the club for more than 10 years. A couple have been in for more than 40 years. Some members own their own airplanes, yet remain in the club for the unique community it provides.